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Fresh powder, majestic mountains, brisk wind in your face, or relaxing by the fire and enjoying the view….can all be yours at a ski & snow retirement destination.   With so many options available, it can be a very difficult and confusing task to sort through all of the retirement communities that offer a skiing location.  BestRetirementDestinations.com has taken the guesswork out of finding the community that best fits your needs. We have done extensive research to determine the criteria that is important to those living in a ski community.  The destinations that appear on our ranking system have proven themselves to be above the standard in five critical areas. Ranking Criteria: Lodge Facilities:  The appearance of the lodge itself, such as the architecture, maintenance of the facilities, and layout of the lodge are included.  Any additional services in the lodge such as a spa, pool, restaurant, shops and lodging are also considered.   Is the restaurant a snack shop or fine dining?  Is there also a facility at the top of the mountain? Ski Slopes:  This criterion considers all that is slope related such as the layout of the slopes, to provide minimal congestion and maximum enjoyment.  Also, the maintenance and grooming of the slopes, the quantity of the slopes available, lengths of runs, and the variety of difficulty levels.   Are there adequate slopes for both the novice and expert skier? Scenic Beauty:  There is something special about a community that overlooks a majestic mountain.  We rank destinations based on the natural beauty of the location and how that is taken into consideration for community layout. Safety/Security:  This includes the level of the security force on duty.  Is there 24 hour security that patrol?   Are the communities gated?  Are all public area’s well lit at night?  The level of fire protection and the response time is also an important component of this criterion. Proximity of Medical Services:  Because the residents may be at a greater risk for injury, the proximity of medical care is of importance.  Not only is the onsite medical care assessed, but also the nearest major health facility.


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