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Imagine the beauty of a rolling fairway with nothing but green grass as far as the eye can see, or a well manicured green sitting next to a pristine lake.  This is a golfer’s paradise.  The golf communities that make our ranking list have succeeded in fulfilling the dreams of millions of people looking for that one retirement destination that provides them with the lifestyle they desire.  Within the last year, more than 100 golf courses were constructed in the United States with the majority of those being classified as retirement destinations.  With so many golf communities available, it can be a daunting task to determine which of those retirement destination best fits your needs.   BestRetirementDestinations.com has taken the guesswork out of finding that perfect golf community.    We have done our research on what criteria is important to those living in a golf community.  The destinations that appear on our ranking system have proven themselves to be above the standard in the five critical areas. Ranking Criteria:  Course Quality:  This includes golf course maintenance such as the frequency that the fairways, greens, and sand traps are groomed.  The layout of the course, including the traffic flow, does the course get congested easily?  Does the course play too long or short?  Was the course designed by a well known designer? Club Facilities:  This includes the Pro Shop, such as the merchandise quality and stock level. Is the shop designed well and kept up to date?  Is the pro available for lessons?  The other facilities at the club are also included such as the restaurant, spa, and pool area.  Are they well maintained and staffed?  Do they offer a large variety of services? Residential Options:  This includes the availability of various levels of housing options.  Does this community offer both single family homes and condos or townhomes?  Are there several models to choose from in the same neighborhood?   Visual Appeal:   Is the community attractive?  Was it laid out with thought and planning to take advantage of the natural surroundings?  The appearances of the landscaping and public areas are also included in these criteria.  How much natural beauty in the surrounding vicinity such as mountains or an ocean is also taken into consideration. Safety and Security:  This includes the level of the security force on duty.  Is there 24 hour security that patrol?   Are the communities gated?  Are all public area’s well lit at night?  The level of fire protection and the response time is also an important component of this criterion.


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