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Long lazy days sitting by the water with fishing pole in hand or relaxing in a cabana on the beach with a good book.  That’s how I want to spend my retirement.  You can to with the help of BestRetirementDestinations.com. The confusion comes when you realize that there are so many choices available, it’s difficult to determine what retirement community best fits your needs.  BestRetirementDestinations.com has taken the guesswork out of finding that perfect retirement spot. We have done extensive research into what criteria are important to those seeking a beach or waterfront retirement destination.  The communities that appear on our ranking system have proven themselves to be above the standard in five criteria. Ranking Criteria: Water Quality:  It is important to know the condition of the body of water that you’ll be spending your time next to.  We take into consideration the cleanliness, proximity of environmental concerns, and aquatic wildlife among others. Visual Appeal:  The architecture of the buildings themselves, both the main facility and homes are considered.  Was the community laid out with thought and planning to take advantage of the surroundings?  The appearance of landscaping and public areas are included as well as the natural beauty of the surrounding area.   Recreational Activities:  The variety and levels of difficulty of recreational activities are assessed.    Does the community offer both indoor and outdoor recreation?  Are watersports offered though the community? Social Networking:  Whether the community provides an opportunity for social gathering of residents is a very important factor for most people.  This criterion reflects how often and what types of social networking is offered. Safety/Security:  This includes the level of the security force on duty.  Is there 24 hour security that patrol?   Are the communities gated?  Are all public area’s well lit at night?  The level of fire protection and the response time is also an important component of this criterion.


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