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Evaluation Criteria Assisted Living

Everyone is unique and special.  We all require assistance at some point in our lives and when that point comes, we want that one assisted living retirement community that will provide the individual attention that is needed.   There are so many options available it can be very difficult to choose a community with the best fit.  BestRetirementDestinations.com has taken the guesswork out of that problem.

We have done our research on what criteria is important to those living in an assisted living community.  The destinations that appear on our ranking system have proven themselves to be above the standard in five critical areas. Ranking Criteria: Personalized Care:  This involves the level that a community assesses a resident and tailors a program to fit individual needs.  Staff to resident ratio, flexibility to work with resident’s schedule, and personal attention is also included in this ranking. Does the community provide housekeeping services?  Are community meals served? Quality of Medical Care:  The level of medically trained staff is included in these criteria: both the number of attendants and the credentials of the staff: CNS’s, nurses and/or physicians.  Are they on-call or full time? Social Networking:  Whether the community provides an opportunity for social gathering of residents is a very important factor for most people.  This criterion reflects how often and what types of social networking is offered. Safety/Security:  This includes the level and degree of security and fire protection in the community.   What is the past history of safety and security issues?  Is there an effective emergency procedure in place? Proximity of Medical Care:   Apart from medical services in the retirement community, this is the distance to a major medical center.


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